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St Mary’s CE Primary School is a Church of England School. We work in partnership with Haringey Admissions service to make applying for a place at our school as simple a process as possible. As a church school, 50% places are Open Places and 50% places are Foundation Places. For further details, please read the ‘Admissions Arrangements and Criteria’ document on the website.

Reception Admissions

Families should apply for a Reception school place in the academic year their child will be 4. Children start Reception the September after their 4th Birthday.

Please note, for all applications:

Applicants for a Foundation place:

  • If applying for a Foundation place, parents must complete a Supplementary Form and also submit a completed Ministers Form.  These are available from the school website or the school office.
  • These forms must be filled in and returned to the school with a copy of a utility bill.

Haringey will contact the applicant, usually in mid-April, to inform them if they have a place at the school. If the applicant has not been given a place at the school they will be placed on a waiting list.

Nursery Admissions

If you wish to apply for a Nursery place please apply directly to the school by contacting Lorraine Christou at the Church Lane office or on 020 8340 4898.

Two Year Olds – Full and Part time

  • 15 hours funded places for those who are eligible
  • You can add extra hours on at £10 per hour
  • Non funded places are charged at £10 per hour – the nursery is flexible on hours subject to availability

Three Year Olds – Full and Part time places

  • 30 hours funded for those who are eligible
  • 15 hours available to those not eligible for the 30 hours and they can purchase extra sessions (ie: morning or afternoon) at £35 per session
  • The nursery is flexible on days (15 hours can be spread over 2.5 days for example) subject to availability
  • Lunch Club facility – children can stay for one extra hour at £6 per hour

Breakfast Club is available to all Nursery children.

In-Year Admissions

If you are new to the area or would like to move your child to St Mary’s at any other point other than the start of their Reception year this is called an In-Year admission.

In-year applicants should first contact Haringey Council School Admissions department and let them know that they would like to apply to the school. See or by telephone 020 8489 1000.

Haringey will inform the applicant if there are spaces available at the school, if there are, they will contact the school and give them the applicant’s details.

The school will then contact the applicant and ask them to come in for a pre-admission’s meeting. If satisfactory, the applicant will be asked to complete an In-year application form. If there are no spaces available at the school, the applicant can be put on a waiting list until a space becomes available.

We welcome visitors and if you would like a tour of the school please contact the school office for a date and time.


Admissions Arrangements and Criteria 2017- 2018
Admissions Arrangements and Criteria 2018- 2019
Primary Supplementary Form
Primary Ministers Form