W/B 18th March 2013 – A little bit of everything

There was no common theme this week, lots happened but every day was really different. The Choir were fantastic on Tuesday at Hornsey School For Girls. Sadly I missed it as I was at our Governors meeting. Year three are involved with a river project, Year five had a Greek Day as part of their topic and performed the most spectacular assembly on Friday. We really have a very talented family of children and staff.

It was lovely to see parents at the Rectory Gardens tour and at the Phonics workshop. Involving parents and families in school life is so important.

On Wednesday I was at a Headteachers forum to talk about the challenges of taking on a school in challenging circumstances. What it is you do first and how one decides what to do to change things. It was fascinating sharing experiences and talking to others about the challenges they faced. The aim is to try and put together a support package or handbook for other Headteachers taking on such a role. Often ‘you’ are seen as the solution and there is actually very little support and advice out there. If I thought about my job in it’s entirety very often I don’t think any sane person would actually do it. That said, I would not do any other job. The rewards far outweigh the stresses. No other job allows you to see children learn and know that you had a hand in their progress and successes, dress up, play with glitter, sing at the top of your voice, share your passions and interests, and dance like no one is watching.