by Nathan, Y6 Violet Class
Which book are you reviewing – Skullduggery Pleasant, by Derek Landy (a series of books)
Overview of storyline – it is about a man who died in the First World War after an explosion but he has come back to life as a skeleton detective! Lord Vile, a sorcerer, has unleased evil demons and monsters into the world and Skullduggery needs to fight them along with the help of a schoolgirl, who has magical powers, called Valkyrie Kane.

Who are the most interesting characters and why?– I think the most interesting character is a girl called Darquess. She is Valkyrie Kane’s reflection and goes to school and leads Valkyrie’s normal life while Valkyrie battles demons and monsters with Skullduggery.

Would you recommend this book to others and why? I would recommend this book to children aged 8+ and I like it because it is action packed and full of surprises.

Nathan rated the book 5 stars

Star Rating (1 boring – 5 amazing)