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Computing Curriculum

At St Mary’s we aim to use technological devices throughout our curriculum to enhance and develop children’s understanding and skills in a variety of subjects. The new National Curriculum has moved away from the term ICT and is now focused on Computing which involves learning and understanding how computers and computer systems works, as well as how they are designed and programmed. It involves three aspects: Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy.

In response to these changes, we have adapted our own scheme of work which allows children to build on their skills as they progress through the school and covers a range skills and topics. Our Computing curriculum is practical, engaging and covers a range of programming languages. It allows children to develop and hone their skills which will enable them to become more than consumers and move into becoming resourceful creators and inventors. They will develop their computational thinking skills to code and programme their own games, websites, apps and also develop their word processing, editing, data handling, typing skills and internet safety knowledge.

As well as offering a diverse and immersive Computing curriculum, we also offer an array of extra-curricular activities for our children to engage in:

  • Digital Leaders: a group of children who are at the heart of online safety within their school community and follow the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme where they explore important e-safety issues.

  • Code Clubs (Years 3-6): an after-school club which offers a variety of programming languages and activities to enthral and enthuse young coders.

  • Codeweek EU Events: a week which is celebrated throughout Europe and beyond which encourages everyone to give coding a try.

  • St Mary’s Codeweek: an in-school event which encourages children and parents to engage in a variety of workshops – such as Ohbot, Code Breaking, Cubetto, Microbit – and enhance their coding skills.

  • Emirates Computing Celebration: an event which celebrates computing from local schools and showcases a variety of school projects and new technologies.

  • Safer Internet Day: an internet safety global celebration day which takes place in February each year.

  • Hackathons: collaborative computer programming events which are attended by our Code Club children.

  • Kids Judge BETT Show: an industry show at London’s ExCeL Centre where children are entrusted with the task of judging the latest educational technology products that will be inspiring future learners.

  • STEM Events & Workshops: a variety of events and workshops which happen throughout the year such as – Robotics workshops and STEM Showcase at Greig City Academy and Magic Cubes Project run by UCL – which allow the children to collaborate with others from outside their school environment and experience computing through a range of mediums.