Our ambition at St Mary’s is that all pupils become confident and fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, have the ability to reason mathematically and gain a deep conceptual understanding. We use a mastery approach in which all children are expected to work on the same lesson content at the same time, rather than expectations being set before a lesson.

Our curriculum allows pupils to revisit and build on concepts each term and yearly. We use the concrete, pictorial and abstract (CPA) approach to sequence our lesson content to provide children with the necessary scaffolds to access the learning within a lesson.

Over time, children will become resilient learners who are able to accept that making mistakes is a necessary step in their learning. Children will be appropriately challenged and supported through varied fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Irrespective of personal starting points, children will explore maths in depth, and use a range of mathematical vocabulary to reason and justify. Pupils will persevere by building on previous knowledge and skills, and apply these to a wide variety of contexts both within maths and across the curriculum.

St Mary’s is also part of the NCETM ‘Teaching for Mastery’ programme. The maths hub workgroup consists of other schools in North East London that meet regularly to share good practice and reflect on strategies of Teaching for Mastery.