Digital Leaders and Code Week activities

//Digital Leaders and Code Week activities

Digital Leaders and Code Week activities

At St Mary’s we believe online safety is of the upmost importance. Children and adults now have unprecedented access to the internet via an array of different means. Although the internet is a very valuable resource for us all, unfortunately it also carries with it certain negatives which we should all be aware of. Therefore at St Mary’s we have incorporated E-safety into our Computing Curriculum. The children are taught from Reception to Year 6 about the dangers of the internet and technology but also shown how valuable it can be if used correctly.

We also believe that children should be at the heart of online safety within their school community so we have a group of Digital Leaders who follow the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme where they explore important e-safety issues – such as the SMART rules, online gaming, cyberbullying and being a good friend. These 8 children in years 4 and 5 have almost completed their training and will start the next phase of their roles after half term. They will be well equipped to run assemblies and hold workshops etc. to inform staff, parents and their peers about what they have learned.

The team are currently working on assemblies to cover Cyberbullying and Digital Citizenship. Watch this space for more information…

St Mary’s Code Week

This year we took part in a Codeweek EU event at Base KX (UCL). The children were able to tinker with a variety of digital devices and work collaboratively to code each device.

“It was amazing there because it gave me experiences that I’ve never had before in coding. My favourite activity was the Primo Cubetto’s. I liked it because they were cute and it was an easy way to code without needing a computer.” Kitty Y6

“Code Club will help me if I do Computing when I’m older. I like it when we go on trips. My favourite activity from the coding event was the Primo using the Cubetto’s. It was really fun and easy to use.” Stanley Y3

This event inspired us to have our own Codeweek in school. From Reception to Year 6 the children were engaged in a plethora of plugged and unplugged activities – such as Scratch Jr, BusyThings, Beebots, and Scratch etc. – to enhance and develop their computing skills.

We even held a Coding workshop for parents!  It was really fun and they all learnt so much about coding.

In addition we were lucky to be able to go on a variety of visits and trips:

  • The Postal Museum: Cracking Code Breakers Workshop where the children became WW1 code breakers. They had to work as a team to complete different tasks to crack the code. The children loved dressing up and were fully engaged in their roles.


  • Ohbot workshop: Team Ohbot came into school to work with Year 5 children on their coding skills. The children worked in teams of two to make their robot flips its eyelids, turn its head and talk to the robot next to it. Some even managed to have a two way conversation with another teams Ohbot.


  • Institute of Imagination – Card Board Week: Working collaboratively, children in Year 4 created giant robotic arms and automatons out of cardboard.
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