By Olivia and Sophie – Y4 Crimson

Last week, we went with a small group of Y4 children on a brilliant day out to the Emirates Cable Car across the Thames and then on to Mudchute Farm.

Having traveled by train and DLR (there are no train drivers on the DLR!) we got to play in the water fountains at the O2 Centre and then we boarded the Cable Car to travel across the River Thames. It seemed really scary as it was so high, but once we were up and away it was such fun looking at the view and waving at everyone. We counted that we got 50 waves on our trip across the Thames and then back again! The view was SO impressive and we could even see the Gherkin building in the distance.

We then went on to Mudchute Farm which is near Canary Wharf. It’s amazing to see animals right in the heart of the city and after lunch we even had the chance to feed them. We were given special green food (that looked like crayons!) which was special food for the animals. We fed the goats and donkeys and they had fun chasing us. There were huge pigs too and we fed them too.

Overall we would rate this trip 13 out of 10 (!) as it was such fun and we had a great experience feeding animals.