By Olivia, Indigo class

At Alexandra Palace, there is a new attraction called ‘Go Ape’. Mr Broadbent took some Y6 children to have a go and we discovered that climbing in the treetops is sooooo much fun!

You might think its scary, but it’s the best thing you could ever imagine. It won’t matter if you fall as you’re all set up with harnesses, so you are completely safe. You can scramble to the top of trees, fly down zip-wires, swing on ropes and much more! We laughed so much it didn’t occur to any of us that we were high up in the air and in the trees.

The staff there were really helpful but I have to admit I did have butterflies in my stomach before we started. I slowly climbed up the stairs to a platform in the trees, and soon gained confidence and thought walking across the rope bridge was thrilling! You get to see the woods as if you were a bird flying high in the sky, and when you are climbing you feel like a monkey!

Overall my favourite part was the zip-wire which made me feel like I was flying.

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