Message from Jess Smart, Chair of Governors

So here we are again at the end of another academic year, looking back at how quickly the time has gone and celebrating how much the children and staff of St Mary’s have achieved and grown. Academically all years are making fantastic progress, with a special mention to Y6 who took on the challenge and rigours of a new curriculum to achieve fantastic results in the Key Stage 2 SATs. The staff have worked tremendously hard to give all children an exciting and progressive learning journey this year with lots of trips and experiences that I hope you’ve all heard lots about.

The building work at both sites has progressed at astonishing speed with new classrooms and work areas ready for September. The project remains on schedule with work hopefully completed by the end of next term.

As our school continues to expand, we say good bye to a number of dedicated staff and governors, and prepare to welcome new members into the St Mary’s family. An election for a new parent governor is scheduled for September; more information will be sent out next term. Finally, I’d like to say a big thank you to you, the families and friends of St Mary’s who have given your time to support our school over the last year. To those of you moving on, I wish you luck in the future and hope you remember your time at St Mary’s fondly. I hope you all have a happy holiday.


In this section, we thought you might like to hear a bit more about what’s on the agenda right now for the 3 key committees which make up the Governing Body of our school.

Resources Committee

  • The Resources Committee has been busy this term continuing to oversee the exciting building works at Rectory Gardens and Church Lane.
  • Uppermost in our minds at all meetings has been to make sure that quality teaching and learning continues in the challenging circumstances of so much change, and we express huge thanks and congratulations to all the children and to Fran and the teachers who have borne with the works so well this year, and look forward very much to seeing all sorts of newness in the Autumn.
  • This term, the Committee has also reviewed in detail and confirmed the school budget for the coming year.
  • The Committee was also involved in leadership interviews for new senior teachers, including the process to recruit a new deputy headteacher to replace the departing Mrs La Frenais.

Children, Families & Community Committee

This term has seen our committee focusing on getting the views of some of the most important people in the St Mary’s family – the children and the parents/carers. Many thanks to all of you who took the time to give us feedback in the recent survey. We were delighted to see that over 90% of parents:

(a) would recommend St Mary’s to another family,
(b) felt their child was happy at school and
(c) That their children were making good progress because of the teaching.

We are aware that there’s always room for improvement and so the school will not be resting on its laurels and will always be looking for way to improve on in the coming year.

We also had some invaluable feedback from our group discussions with groups of children from Years 1 up to 6 and they’ll also help us agree the priorities for the school with the Head Teacher for next year.

Next year, we’re going to be focusing further on the ethos of St Mary’s and how the leadership team can further embed it throughout the school and into the wider community.

Curriculum & Achievement

As another school year draws to a close and the gates shut for the summer it’s a moment to pause and reflect on the past year, but also think ahead to September. This year has been dominated by the implementation of the Assertive Mentoring System, where we have seen a renewed partnership between our children and teachers about their learning. Please talk to your child about that experience, as the Committee would like to hear about those conversations, as we continue to monitor its delivery.

The Committee also welcomes the new parent governor, Graeme Viljoen. He will take responsibility for monitoring the broader curriculum, including French, PE and other topics like history and geography. We’re also saying goodbye to our wonderful Deputy Head, Kay la Frenais who has contributed so much to this committee. Working with her has been a pleasure, and in particular her work on improving the educational environment needs acknowledging. Thanks to her our school has been enriched, as we continue to flourish as an educational community for all.

Graeme Viljoen – Parent Governor

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and came to London in 2000 on the crest of the dot com bubble, to help set up and build an online business. Along with my wife Thandi, we’ve now been resident in the UK for 16 years and we’ve become UK citizens. Our two children, Edie and Leo, have been at school with St Marys their whole school lives, from back when it was still the infant school, to how it is now – one great organisation.

I have enjoyed seeing how our two children have grown and flourished at St Mary’s, and how hard the school works to continually improve itself, never resting on it’s laurels. I felt I would like to become a part of the community that strives to continue this positive development. I have only been a parent governor for two months, but from the start, I’ve been impressed with the level of commitment and hard work each of the governing team puts in. I’m
looking forward to bringing some of my skills to this team and to help St Marys tell more of it’s success story.

My day job consists of directing an online recruitment platform for the veterinary industry, and also as tech lead for a London based online brand consultancy. I am a keen road cyclist and enjoy taking part in various sportives around Europe in the Spring and Summer. And yes, I have a funny cyclist tan!

Sophie Yaseen – Staff Governor (commencing Sept 2016)

I’ve been a teacher at St Mary’s for ten years and have seen some huge changes in that time. The school has gone from strength to strength and I’ve felt so privileged to be part of it. For me one of the most positive changes has been our two schools merging, as this has given me the chance to teach on both sites and get a better overview of the journey our children make throughout their time at St Mary’s.

Now I’m a governor and already I’m seeing another aspect of school life and I hope to use my time as staff governor to represent the teaching staff, be an advocate for all the fantastic work they do and help the governing body to understand the school from a teachers’ perspective.

Before I became a teacher I worked for five years in the music industry and much of my own time is spent listening to, playing (badly), watching and talking about music. I also devote perhaps too much time to my increasingly famous dog, Booker (he’s the handsome lad in the photo!).


Father Bruce Batstone – Ex-officio, Mr Ian Blaney & Ms Jessica Smart – PCC, Mr John Hoggard & Fr Eric Lobsinger – West Haringey Deanery
Synod, Dr Feyisa Demie – London Diocesan Board for Schools, Mr Stuart Goldberg & Mr Graeme Viljoen – Elected Parents,
Mrs Fran Hargrove – Head Teacher Ex Officio, Ms Debbie Mallitte – Elected Staff Governor, Ms Joanna Elson – LA Governor.
Associates Members – Dr Janet Allen, Ms Nele Van Ginneken, Ms Clare Goymer, Ms Alice Greenwell, Mr Mark Jameson & Ms Jane Hamilton
You can catch up with the minutes of all the Governing Body meetings on the St Mary’s website at