By Noah, our in-house sports reporter

The St Mary’s hockey team recently went to Fortismere Secondary school to take part in a hockey tournament.

As one of the school sports reporters, I interviewed both Akin and Alex, two members of the hockey team, before the tournament and they both believed that they could win, but it would be quite a challenge to do so.

I reported on our Team A, who took part in the competitive tournament.

In their first game they played a friendly match, as the opposition hadn’t arrived! In the second match, which was against St Michaels we won 4:0.

The third match was against Rhodes Avenue, which ended at 2:0 to them sadly.

We also won 5:0 in another match. But unfortunately, that wasn’t enough and we didn’t quite make it through to the finals.

However, everyone did incredibly well, and tried their best, in addition most of the other schools had had far more practice than we had!