W/B 22nd April 2013 – Knights of the Round Table


Year one are having the best time. Walking into their classrooms is like taking a step back in time. Medieval castles, knights and fair ladies. This topic has really captured their enthusiasm. They could not tell me enough about William the Conqueror. They made shields and the artwork is amazing. I wish I was 6 years old again.

I had a real sense of pride this week. I have done a number of school tours on both sites for various reasons and both sites are looking great and every class I walked into had a real sense of purpose and learning. The children are getting on really well bringing a huge sense of family to the school.

The Rectory Garden quite area is now open and this has made such a huge difference to the children’s playtimes. Just having some green space and a quieter place to play. There is a daily watch on the tadpoles and frogs. We still have a few things left to do there. The storytellers chair will be installed in the next week or so and the Nature information boards. This has reinforced again how important it is to have high quality spaces in schools and made me even more determined to succeed with the rest of the playground.

On Thursday evening our Governors had training on holding the school to account. I have to say that we have a very strong Governing Body and so much of what they do goes unseen. Their role is vital to keeping the school on track and saying focused on the drive for excellence. As a Headteacher I am very thankful for this collection of ‘volunteers’ that give so much time and energy to supporting me, and the school; often saving you all from one or two of my more ambitious plans. A comparison to the knights of the round table wouldn’t be so far from the truth.