More Able Pupils

At St Mary’s we provide an environment that enables and encourages all children to maximise their
potential. This, of course, includes our most able children; those who display particular skill or
aptitude in one or more curriculum subjects and our children who display a talent in a particular

We closely monitor all of our children – tracking progress and measuring achievement and we have a
very clear understanding of who our most able children are. We ensure that we enable those
children to thrive in optimum learning circumstances, closely tailoring provision to the needs of our
individual children.

In ensuring the very best provision for our most able pupils, we aim to:

  • Maintain an ethos where excellence is celebrated and promoted by adults and children
  • Maintain an ethos in which children are motivated to learn
  • Encourage all pupils to be learners
  • Recognise achievement
  • Carry out regular assessments to ensure that information relating to the progress of our most able leaners is up-to-date and that assessments inform planning
  • Consistently providing learning opportunities at an appropriate level
  • Provide extra-curricular activities and clubs
  • Provide opportunities in the wider community for children with specialist gifts and talents


At St Mary’s we do not believe in one particular way of supporting our most able children but in a range of approaches to facilitating the learning that takes place in class alongside high quality, curriculum enrichment activities beyond the classroom. See the range of activities in the pdf attachments below.