Our reporter, Mrs Plimley (Mrs Hargrove’s PA), went to interview the intrepid time travellers from Y4 Scarlet class.   Kamal, Katie, Kitty and Theo agreed to share their experiences of time travel when they went to the Museum of London recently and the related DT project.

Museum of London trip

Mrs P:  Can you tell our readers some facts that you discovered about the Romans and London?

  • Katie: we learnt that London was called Londinium in Roman times and it was much smaller that it is today.
  • Kamal: we learnt that they had no technology like we do now.  It must have been hard to live then.

Mrs P:  can you tell us what you found most interesting on your trip?

  • Katie: I really enjoyed looking at the mosaics, they were beautiful.  It was interesting that the architecture and buildings were really different compared to today and rich people and poor people lived in very different houses.  My lunch was delicious too!
  • Kamal: There were good listening and interactive things to do and we did some drawing too.  We learnt that the Romans were great inventors and builders.  It was a great school trip!


Mrs P then asked Kitty and Theo about their DT project – building a Roman villa.

Roman Villa building in DT

Mrs P:  how did you go about making your amazing Roman villas?

  • Kitty: first we saw a slide show about Roman life and houses they lived in. then we planned the project and worked out what we were going to make and how to do it
  • Theo: I enjoyed painting the walls of my Roman villa and getting all gluey! We made mosaics too for the floors.

Mrs P:  what was the most memorable bit of the DT project

  • Kitty: I liked planning my Roman house and would like to be a rich Roman!
  • Theo: using the hot glue gun and getting all gluey!  It made me all sticky for my violin lesson!


Mrs P asked the four time travellers to grade the school trip and DT project.  They scored them 9/10. Well done Mrs Abernethy!