Dear Parents/Carers,Assistant

Headteacher Announcement-I am very sad to announce that after 5½ years at St Mary’s, Ms Jenkins is leaving us at Christmas. Ms Jenkins will be pursuinga different professional pathway by becoming a Course Leader for Professional Studies at Teach London. During her time at St Mary’s, Ms Jenkins has had a hugeimpact on the lives of so many children, parents and staff. She has beena class teacher, isthe lead for English, as well as the lead for Teaching & Learning, and in the last 2years,has been a very able Assistant Headteacherand staff governor completingher huge commitment to the school. It is evident that Ms Jenkins’ commitment to our school over the years has been far reaching and hugely impactful. She will be sorely missed by children, staff, governors and parents alike. We wish herthe very best in her new role educating and developing the next generation of teachers in Londonandhope that she will stay in touch with the St Mary’s family.