Nursery Information

Dear Nursery Parents/Carers,
We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all our new families into our St Mary’s CE family. The children are settling into our daily routineswell and are growing in confidence and independence. We would like to thank you for your continued support in helping to ensure the children enjoy their time in nursery and encouraging their interests. It is so lovely to watch the children so engaged intheir activities and to see the progress that they are making.A big thank you also for all our Christmas cards and gifts, the team were extremely grateful.

Tiny Gems and Little Jewels

Our topic this half term is Can I have a dog? during which we will be learning about different animals and how we can look after them. We will be visiting London Zoo on Wednesday 29th January to further develop our knowledge of a wide range of animals. We will continue to provide multiple opportunities for learning more about Numbers, Shapes and Colours, as well as a wide range of imaginative, creative and mark-making opportunities. Each week we will continue to focus on a new book linked to our topic or RE work. Alongside these, we will continue to learn a new rhyme with actions and develop our storytelling skills through acting out our own stories with our friends. In RE,we will be thinking about caring for others as Jesus cares for us.We have begun this work by thinking more about our own emotions and how we can identify these. Following half term, we will begin to learn more about the Easter Story. After February half term, our topic will be How does a building stand up?We have already discovered many budding architects in nursery so cannot wait to begin work on this unit and see what fabulous ideas the children come up with.In order to develop a deeper understanding of number,we will be focusing on a number a week and looking at all the different ways in which we can represent and make it.


We will be continuing Phase 1 phonics daily. With adults providing opportunities for children to listen to sounds, working on rhymes and following rhythms. Please support us by talking to your children about what noises they can hear in the environment such as aeroplanes, fire engines, birds chirping, animal noises and in the home, washing machines, buzzers, doorbells etc. We will also be continuing with Phase 2 phonics activities with Little Jewel’s children, identifying letters and sounds.

General Reminders

  • In the cold weather please provide wellington boots and a waterproof coat
  • The school has a no jewellery policy and earrings should be studs only please
  • Please name all clothing to avoid loss and confusion –please ensure that your child has a change of clothes at nursery at all times as this makes any toileting accidents much less traumatic for them as they are settling in
  • We would be extremely grateful for a voluntary contribution of £5 per term, to allow us to buy items for cooking and gardening with the children
  • Please can we have boxes of tissues
  • For those children who require them please try to remember to replenish nappies and baby wipes
  • Our library is on Wednesdays; please ensure that all children have their book bags on these days
  • We will be visiting London Zoo on Wednesday 29th January 2019
  • If you are experiencing any problems logging onto Tapestry Journal to see photos of your child and the progress that they are making, then please see Jane at the end of a session
  • If you have pets at home please bring in a photo of them for our display board.
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