On Monday 13th March the Upper Phase choir went to sing at Cadogan Hall as we had been learning songs from the Zambezi tales for the yearly Classical Road Show.

We took 3 tube trains to Sloane Square where we tried to enjoy our lunch, but there were a plethora of pigeons hovering around us. When we were finally able to devour our snacks, we lined up to enter Cadogan Hall which itself took about 5 minutes or so because other schools were coming out and getting onto coaches.

Excited and cheerful, overjoyed and ecstatic, we entered the hall and had a quick practice with the conductor before the narrators took to the stage and the songs were sung beautifully. We were singing with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra which is a world famous orchestra.

My favourite song was called ‘Under the BAOBAB TREE’ which is about a tree found in Australia, Madagascar and Africa and looks like an upside down tree, also known as the Tree of Life or even the Monkey Bread Tree. I enjoyed the narration of the songs back story as it made it easier to understand what’s happening.

What I liked most about the event is that we were able to wear a piece of traditional African clothing and it included a headscarf. It was a fun new experience.

By Akira
Year 5
Turquoise class