By Iqra, Jaylen and Arthur, Y6

Last week we got the chance to visit Parliament! Our host for the morning on this brilliant trip was Mr Chris Symonds. His job is Doorkeeper of the House of Commons which deals with the security of the House of Commons and ceremonial duties too.

Chris gave us a tour of the House of Commons and House of Lords. It was all very ornate and we could imagine the MP’s, the Prime Minister and Lords in those very rooms all debating to solve the country’s problems and make the world a better place.

We also went to the Queen’s Robing Room which has paintings of previous Kings and Queens and saw a magnificent stain glass window which commemorates the women who fought for the right to vote.

We met Catherine West, Labour MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, and asked her questions about the police and leaving the EU. Then we got ready for Prime Ministers Questions (PMQ’s). This was really interesting to watch as MP’s listened, shouted and cheered both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbin. Our trip finished with lunch in one of the Parliament restaurants – What a fantastic day, thank you Mr Symonds!