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Our Vision Statement

At St Mary’s, we find out who we are. We discover our talents and we learn and succeed. We have courage: we are brave. Together we are a family.

Our Ethos Statement

At St Mary’s we are very clear that we are here to provide a school family that will support our children to become the very best they can be. We will have aspirations, hopes and dreams for our children and do all we can to help each and every child know what success feels like. Our community is made up of children, families, staff, governors, friends and community members. We all have our part to play in our children’s success. We expect every member of our community to support and demonstrate a commitment to our children and community and the values that are important to us.

A Child at St Mary’s

  • I come to St Mary’s to work hard and do my best.
  • I know I am part of a community. I realise that what I do and say affects the people around me.
  • I say please and thank you. I look for the good in others.
  • I know I am an important member of my school. I want to make St Mary’s an even better place.
  • In the classroom and the playground, I help anyone I can, not just my friends. I notice other children and include them in my games.
  • I pick up litter. I smile. I try to be kind.
  • At home, I help my family. In public, I think about the people around me. I share the pavement and let others get on the bus first.
  • St Mary’s is my school and I have the power to make a difference.

An Adult at St Mary’s

  • I am at here by choice and I know that I am a role model for the people around me. I want the best for all our children.
  • I offer my help when needed and communicate positively with all members of our community
  • When I find things challenging I know that those around me will step in and support me.
  • My contributions are important and necessary to the community as a whole.
  • What I do and how I conduct myself reflects who we are as a whole. I get involved, I do my best.
  • I share, forgive, laugh, I smile. I try to be kind.
  • I will lend my skills and talents both in and out of school to enable our children to have rich and meaningful experiences so that they can share their understanding of the importance of community and citizenship throughout their lives.
  • St Mary’s is my school and I have the power to make a difference.