A Renewed Vision for St Mary’s in 2020

We have recently undertaken an exercise with pupils, staff and governors to reinvigorate and renew the vision of the school and identify the Christian characteristics most important to us all. From these we have developed a new Ethos Statement for our school and what it means to be a child at St Mary’s.

We are proud to announce our new direction. Please join us in celebrating and supporting our school’s new vision ethos and the Christian Values that will help drive our school’s ongoing success.

Our Ethos Statement

At St Mary’s CE Primary, our Vision places our Christian values at the core of everything we do.
Our Christian values are: Friendship, Compassion, Hope, Wisdom, Community and Endurance.

These Christian values are embedded into the fabric of every aspect of school life, creating a clear and distinctive Christian ethos that underpins every thought, decision and action. Each value is modelled and demonstrated by staff through the way they act, speak to and behave towards every member of the St Mary’s family. Our expectation is that our children and wider school community demonstrate our Christian values which are common to all faiths and none.

Friendship: We are a school family that supports our children to build positive relationships and raise their dignity and respect to enable them to become the very best they can be.

Compassion: We expect every member of the St Mary’s family to support and demonstrate love and commitment to our children and community and to the values that are important to us.

Hope: We have aspirations and dreams for our children and do all we can to help each and every child know and understand what success feels like.

Wisdom: We provide children with the tools to enquire and deepen their understanding of the world around them so that they find out who they are and discover their talents ‘as we believe in educating for ‘Life in all its fullness’ John 10:10

Community: We show our children the importance of being part of a rich and diverse community so that they can live well together, deepening their love, respect, generosity, honesty and forgiveness of others.

Endurance: We give our children the courage to be brave, to try things out and be resilient when the going gets tough.

These values impact positively on our approach to teaching and learning and lie at the centre of developing strong British Values, alongside a commitment to strengthening our children’s understanding of their rights and responsibilities. These are key to nurturing and preparing our children for their lives ahead. We therefore embody these values, alongside our vision, to ensure that St Mary’s CE Primary is a school where we love and care for everyone, just as Jesus loved us.

Our School Statement

Jesus said: ‘Love one another as I have loved you’. John 15:12

Our Vision Statement

As we love, we flourish
As we flourish, we aspire
As we aspire, we achieve
Together, we are a family

Our Christian Values