A group of Y3 children recently went on a learning journey and visited the Sky Garden in central London.  Here’s what they said about it all:

  • The Sky Garden is amazing! (Alexis)
  • It made me feel happy! (Arda)
  • I felt creative looking at all the tall buildings (Dean)
  • Because of the curve, it looks like the building will fall on me! (Shakira)
  • I can’t believe how tall this is! (Vanessa and Nico)

The children were fascinated by the building and the gardens and decided to do some more research on the following questions when they got back to school:

  • When was the Sky Garden building built and how long did it take to build? (Ayaz)
  • Are there any insects on the plants? (Arda)
  • I wonder how many school rulers high this is? (Shakira)
  • How long does it take to clean the windows? (Safwan)
  • And Nyella enjoyed her high-up lunch!!

Overall all the children said “We really enjoyed our day, it was so exciting!”