The school’s charging policy is in line with DfE requirements and current legislation. The school aims to provide a broad, balanced curriculum and a rich, exciting learning environment. The school budget covers all statutory teaching and learning curriculum needs but charges may be levied or voluntary contributions requested to provide for specific activities. The charging policy is consistent with the school’s Equalities Scheme and will ensure that no child or member of the school community is prejudiced on the grounds of race, gender, social status or sexual orientation.

School trips

Voluntary contributions will be requested. Children will not be excluded for non-payment but trips may be cancelled if there are insufficient funds.

Residential trips (e.g. Year 6 school journey)

A charge will be levied to meet the cost of travel, board and lodging. The school may apply for a hardship grant for children on free school meals. The school will endeavour to ensure no child is excluded due to inability to pay.

Specialist resources

Sometimes a charge will be made for specialist resources, e.g. art/craft/DT and food technology. All non-specialist books and materials are provided by the school.

Music Tuition

Individual 1: 1 tuition is provided via Haringey Council which has its own charging structure.

Extra curricular activities

The school has a programme of extra-curricular clubs. Children are charged a fee to help cover the costs of staffing, resources and room use.

Extended day facilities

Breakfast and After School Clubs apply Haringey Council’s recommended charges.

Special Events

Voluntary contributions will be sought for special events at school such as visiting theatre companies, special workshops, art events, French week etc.

Damage/loss to school property

A charge will be levied in respect of wilful damage, neglect or loss of school property (including premises, furniture, equipment, books or materials). The charge will be the cost of replacement or repair or such lower cost of the Head Teacher may decide.


The school will make its facilities available to outside users at a charge of at least the cost of providing facilities. The scale of charges is determined annually by the finance committee. For users connected to the school e.g. staff, local residents’ association, the charge will be reduced to cover costs only.

Other charges

The Headteacher or governing body may levy charges for miscellaneous services up to the cost of providing these services e.g. for copying an Ofsted reports, pupil records and signing passport forms.

Remissions policy

The Headteacher or governing body may decide to remit in full or part, charges in respect of a particular pupil or activity if it is felt reasonable in the circumstances.