In today’s digital world, the issue of online safety is an integral part of children’s education and is embedded in their learning at school. At St Mary’s we want the children to learn how to stay safe online and we are also keen to support parents/carers to improve their own understanding of online safety issues. In this way, you can support your child to learn and navigate their way through the digital age.

Below, are a few excellent and easy to use sites where parents can go to find out more information about apps or games that children may wish to use, such as a summary of what the game or app is / does, safety tips, risks of accessibility to inappropriate content, how to report it and ultimately, if it is safe for young children to use or how settings can be adjusted to make it safe.

They also contain step by step instructions on how to put parental controls on every digital device as well as home broadband and mobile networks in order to make them safe for child use.

Website: www.internetmatters.org

For information on apps:

For information on parental controls:

Website: kidsonlineworld.com

For information on apps:

For information on games:

Website: www.internetmatters.org/

For parent controls to phones and devices:

For parent controls to broadband and mobile networks:

Share Aware

More information can be found on the Government website: