In today’s digital world, the issue of online safety is an integral part of children’s education and is embedded in their learning at school. At St Mary’s we want the children to learn how to stay safe online and we are also keen to support parents/carers to improve their own understanding of online safety issues. In this way, you can support your child to learn and navigate their way through the digital age.

E-Safety Policies

Share Aware

Help your child stay safe on social networks



Have you got a problem? Need a hand? No-one to turn to? No-one listening? Don’t know what to do?
Check out the pages and links page for various help and guidance on a number of different subjects on e-safety…

Important information regarding Snap Chat

Did you know that Snapchat have made some changes to their app which means children could be vulnerable if they and you are not well informed.

Please see more information by clicking on the following link.

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