Sky, Rebecca and Lily (Y4 Ruby Class) have made up a wonderful recipe for a school trip!

  1. Measure out 30 children from Ruby class
  2. Add 1 portion of Ms Yaseen
  3. Pour the contents of Ruby Class on to the bus to Pizza Express, Muswell Hill
  4. Add 150mls of information about food hygiene and 200gms of ingredients (flour, sugar, water and yeast)
  5. Pummel and stretch the pizza bases (with some throwing in the air!)
  6. Carefully make the crust – the edge of the pizza should be thicker than the middle
  7. Pour on tomato topping while dancing to the pizza making song (see video)
  8. Tear and scatter mozzarella cheese over pizza
  9. Cook in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 15 mins
  10. Eat and enjoy!