Progress and Attainment

As a result of the cancellation of the 2020 statutory assessments the most recent set of school results is presented below.

Progress and Attainment at Key Stage 2

Differentiation between pupils’ attainment has been created using a ‘scaled score’measure by converting from raw scores in the SATsto a score between 80 and 120, with a score of 100 being the average for the year group.

Children who achieve a score of 100 or more are working ‘At the Expected Standard’ -with children achieving a scaled score of 110 or more considered to be ‘Working at Greater Depth’-and children who score 99 or less being ‘Not at Expected Standard’.

The DfE has published a document explaining the system in more detail which can be found viathe link below:

To see how the results of St Mary’s compare to those of other schools in the UK, please clickthe linkto visit theDfE school performance website-’s-cofe-primary-school/primary