School Meals

At St Mary’s we want our children to enjoy the very best of everything, this includes school meals. We work very closely with our school meals provider Olive Dining to offer our children tasty, attractive and nutritionally balanced meals they will enjoy. We monitor what the children enjoy and use this to help us revise out termly menus so that children are offered choices that we know the will enjoy and new foods and recipes for them to try.

Every pupil in Reception, Year 1 and 2 will be eligible for free school meals. We adhere to the food standards which are part of the School Food Plan, which aims to transform what children eat in schools and how they learn about food (

Good food and good food culture has been shown to lead not only to healthier, happier and more fulfilled children, but to improved educational attainment. Evidence from those areas that already provide universal free school meals is that children eat more healthily and perform better academically. Schools in those areas have also reported improved behaviour and atmosphere as a result of all pupils eating together every day.

Lunchtime is a great opportunity for all our children to sit down together and enjoy their healthy and tasty meal, while developing their very important social skills. We therefore hope that all parents in Reception, Years 1 & 2 will take up this offer of a free school meal.

The cost of a daily meal for children in Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 will be £2.50 per day. We feel that this provides significant value for families as children have a wide choice of high quality food.

We hope that all parents will choose school meals for their children. If you chose to remain packed lunch we will be introducing packed lunch guidelines. Routine monitoring of packed lunches has shown us that the quantity of processed sugar and salt in packed lunches is startlingly high. The inclusion of fruit and vegetables is on the decline. It is important that our children have healthy meals in the day as the quantity of sugar and processed carbohydrates has a significant negative effect on learning and mood in the afternoon.

We ask that ALL PARENTS and CARERS fill in a meals registration form, including parents with children in Reception, Years 1 & 2. This is important so that we can continue to register pupils who attract the pupil premium grant, which is worth £1,300 a year per pupil for our school. If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Greensmith at the Rectory Gardens site, who deals with all the FSM registrations. Parents will not have to apply through Haringey enabling us to ensure that this is a strictly confidential service.


Dinner money fees for first half of Spring term – £85

If you wish to change from school meals to packed lunch, or vice versa, you must tell the school office.
You can pay in the school office or online. Please come to the school office for your unique pupil link code, if you haven’t received it.
If you think you are entitled to Free School Meals, please see Rebecca at Rectory Gardens.

Fees must be paid in advance, by cash or cheque at the school office, or online with their pupil link code.

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