Our School

We are a Church of England School which has served the community since 1863. We are based over two sites. Church Lane site is home to our Lower Phase which is comprised of Nursery, Reception and Years One and Two and the children here range from 3 to 7 years of age. Our Middle Phase (Years Three and Four) and our Upper Phase (Years Five and Six) are based at our Rectory Gardens site.

We have divided our school into three phases over two sites. This means we have the luxury of space (both inside and out) and can tailor provision, very carefully, to exactly the ages and stages of our children.We have had a multi-million-pound development project on both of our sites which enables us to provide a stunning physical environment for out children which enhances a curriculum which is aspirational and full of creativity

We have a large and very skilled staff team who all share a very strong sense of family. We strive for the very best so that children feel secure, inspired, supported and confident. We want all our children to have the opportunity to realise their special talents and abilities. We foster strong partnerships between families and our school, which results in parents and carers being actively involved in all areas of their children’s learning and development.

As a Church of England School, as opposed to a faith school, we aim to show our children the importance of tolerance, understanding and mutual respect within our diverse community, irrespective of creed. We have built strong links with the community so that our children are able to work and learn in the wider local environment and contribute to the area in which they live. We embrace the Church of England’s ethos of ‘Life in all it’s fullness’ (John 10:10) by providing our children with a rich and varied curriculum.

Our Church is Hornsey Parish Church in Cranley Gardens, where the Rector is Father Bruce Batstone. We welcome families from our own church and other local churches, along with children from other faith communities and many of our children come from no faith community. All are welcome and treated equally.

We have a strong ethos based in achievement and aspiration.

Our School Statement

Jesus said: ‘Love one another as I have loved you’. John 15:12

Our Vision Statement

As we love, we flourish
As we flourish, we aspire
As we aspire, we achieve
Together, we are a family

Our Christian Values