Science Week

Our recent Science Week went with a big Bang! and we had the pleasure of The Science Museum and Joined Up Science Company, visiting our school and showing us some amazing hands on experiments.

The Joined Up Science Company

Moving Vehicles – Year 3 and 4 kicked off Science Week and were given the task of constructing (from scratch) their own motorised model vehicles using a variety of materials. Jen and Steve from the Joined Up Science Company gave them all the tools and equipment needed and the children were able to successful work as a team and apply their logical thinking and scientific knowledge to the process. Predicting, hypothesising, testing and discussing the results all came into play. Watching the intense concentration of the faces of the children adapt and customise their vehicles and eventually getting them to move independently was very exciting and rewarding.

Body Investigation – Year 5 and 6 were given the exciting task of investigating the amount of vitamin C in different fruits. They rose to the challenge of becoming Scientific Researchers using liquid chemicals such as DCPIP to determine the outcome of the experiment. DCPIP loses its purple colour in the presence of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), hence the more fruit needed to change the colour of the DCPIP, the less vitamin C present in the fruit. The children were asked to predict their outcomes, and then perform tests on each fruit (three times in order to make it a fair test) then apply their mathematical skills to calculate the average. All the children were engaged and focussed when using the chemicals and equipment. See the results for yourself!

The Science Museum

The Science Museum came to St Mary’s with lots of exciting and inspiring experiments filled with humour and pure joy.

Bubbles – Ronan, our bubble expert thrilled the children with lots of beautiful and magical bubbles that left lots of our children screaming with delight. He showed us that bubbles can only come in one shape – a sphere despite trying hard to make square bubble and heart. However, he did put our lovely children in a bubble!

Feel the Force – Sir Isaac Newton and Phil the Stunt Frog combined their forces in this action-packed extravaganza. Phil the Stunt Frog provided lots of laughs and entertainment along with explaining Newton’s three laws of motion.

  • Newton’s First Law: Something that isn’t moving won’t start moving unless a force makes it.
  • Newton’s Second Law: The harder you push something and the lighter the thing you’re pushing, the faster it speeds up.
  • Newton’s Third Law: If a force pushes something in one direction, it pushes in the opposite direction just as hard.

Check out our photo’s and videos!

Glorious Blood
– This show was all about blood, guts and all things gross. We were given a first-hand look at the journey of blood through the human body, discovering what it does, what’s in it, where it goes, and what happens when you start to lose it. Our brilliant presenters from the Science Museum explained how the red and white blood cells, the platelets and the plasma operate in our bodies. Using balloons to demonstrate how our blood works when we get a cut.