The Enrichment Team

‘Enrichment’ refers to the subjects our children study during their class teachers’ non contact time time where they plan, prepare and assess children’s learning (PPA).  It is important at St Mary’s that every moment is a learning moment and that our children receive high quality teaching and provision in every lesson.

The subjects taught during these times are PE and French, and are all taught by subject specialist teachers.  Lessons are planned to provide progression, enjoyment and achievement from Reception Class through to Year 6

French (Madame Baker – French Teacher)

Much of the French teaching is based on developing speaking and listening skills and children learn mainly through songs, games and role play. As they progress through Key Stage 2, emphasis on developing reading and writing skills is increased, and links are made with grammar learned in English lessons.

The cultural element of language learning is incorporated into lessons and we look at the French-speaking world, not only France.  We have a well-established partnership with La Villette elementary school in Paris and in Year 5, children are given penfriends from the school. We have an annual day trip to Paris, during which the Year 5 children meet their penfriends in their school and see some of the major sights of this beautiful city.

PE    (Jack Oakley – PE Teacher)

KS1 PE lessons are focused on developing core movement skills (i.e. jumping, landing, dynamic stability) which are essential when progressing to more complex activities. The aims are also to instil a positive attitude to sport and work together with classmates.

KS2 moves onto game-based activities whereby the skillsets learned previously are developed in combination with each other. Teamwork and leadership are promoted moving up to years 4-6. Students who require additional development are invited to attend workshops based on learning motor skills in a fun environment.

Those students showing high levels of performance are picked to represent the school in one of many teams we have available, from girls’ football to cross country.

Music   (Coren Peacock – Music Teacher)

Coren works three days a week across both Church Lane and Rectory Gardens and works with children in a variety of ways, such as teaching songs in assemblies and teaching classes a weekly music lesson.

She will also lead choir, other ensembles and bands and be assisting and helping coordinate the WCIT scheme that your child/ren will participate in during their time in Year 4 and hopefully beyond.