The Headship Team

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The Headship Team

As Headteacher I am very ably supported by Sam Fennell and Tom Broadbent. Running a split site school means that I cannot be everywhere so Sam and Tom oversee the day to day running of Rectory Gardens and Church Lane.

They both have additional responsibilities across the school and play a large part in setting and pursuing the schools strategic vision. We are fully accountable for the children’s attainment and progress in all areas. Much of my job as a headteacher, and they as my deputies, is concerned with ensuring that the very best teachers are put in front of your children and the school is run in such a way that teachers are able to focus entirely on planning and delivering high quality learning opportunities, that support children achieving the very best they can.

We can all be found on one gate or another at the beginning and end of the day or contacted via the school offices. We are always happy to meet with parents, carers and families.

Fran Hargrove- Headteacher

Tom Broadbent (Rectory Gardens) – Deputy Headteacher

Sam Fennell (Church Lane) – Deputy Headteacher