The Inclusion Team

The Inclusion Team work closely together to ensure that a range of needs are met across the school. We work in partnership with parents and carers and class staff to support children in reaching their potential academically, socially and emotionally.

Aria Zavrou

Aria is the Inclusion Manager (SENCo) and the Lead Designated Child Protection Officer. She works across the school dividing her time between the two sites. She has the responsibility of the day to day management of inclusion. This includes meeting with parents and carers, liaising with and making referrals to external agencies such as speech and language therapists, educational psychologists etc. She works with class staff to set and review targets for Individual Education Plans and Pastoral Support Plans and monitors the progress of children with additional needs and with English as an additional language.

Aria can be contacted through email at

Tiffany Abraham

Tiffany is the Inclusion Special Needs Assistant. She works across both sites facilitating the Kaleidoscope classes. She works with pupils to build their emotional resilience and provides a safe space for them to explore their emotions. She also provides 1:1 mentoring sessions for students.

Debbie Mallitte

Debbie is the school’s designated Medical Officer and is responsible for ensuring that Care Plans are updated regularly as well as making sure that all staff are aware of children in their class who have allergies or other medical conditions.