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Super Stars

Attendance Lime 99%
Punctuality = Marigold, Emerald, Lime, Topaz with 0
Manners Marmoset Michele – Sunshine (lp) Aroa + Pelin (up)  separate award



Name Achievement
Ilirian For taking part in class things more
Valentina For joining in with music on Friday
Yasmine For being amazing at almost everything!


Name Achievement
The Whole Class For being great advocates for St Mary’s in the school trip

Year 1


Name Achievement
George For working really hard in maths
Judah * For creating an excellent story map
Fefe For creating an excellent story map


Name Achievement
Yu Yuen For consistently working hard with lots of effort
Riley For work in maths – always going the extra mile
Zahara For being a team player at playtime, and always being lovely with friends


Name Achievement
Penelope For knowing her keywords
Hebron * For being kind and playing with Naomi
Muhammad For trying hard to learn key words

Year 2


Name Achievement
Amelia For good effort in maths
Jaidah For trying hard with her letter formation
Macelina * For having lovely manners


Name Achievement
Nylah For fantastic input in her topic work this week
Tilly For all round focus in her work
James For good focus in independent writing


Name Achievement
Hazar * For super work on place value
Stephany For super work on place value

Year 3


Name Achievement
Asha * For writing a gripping hot task story in English
Tajya For trying really hard in maths this week


Name Achievement
Hazell For a fantastic hot task
Kyrel For showing a great growth mindset in his English work


Name Achievement
Kayla For working hard on finding Anglo Saxon settlements in the atlas
Camille For working hard on her hot task
Zaheer * For always participating well and showing great maths skills

Year 4


Name Achievement
Harris * For excellent work on Hinduism in RE
Ellis For excellent work on Hinduism in RE
Melisa For great effort in English when planning a report on the Romans
Milena For great effort in English when planning a report on the Romans


Name Achievement
Sophia For showing excellent understanding in maths
Ana Clara * For excellent planning with her information text

Year 5


Name Achievement
Gustavo *  For settling in well, showing excellent learning behaviour and having fantastic manners
Alex  For excellent work in maths
Sara For great contributions in class


Name Achievement
Viktor * For always being on task
Hannah L For being a fantastic role model for the school


Name Achievement
Kemi * For superb acting in hot seating sessions as David (+ Goliath)
George S For excellent vocabulary in his story
Katie For trying really hard in all maths lessons

Year 6


Name Achievement
Naila * For understanding the features of a non-chronological text
Roi For a wonderful William Morris design in art


Name Achievement
 Flavjo * For great perseverance in his maths
Iqra For great contributions in all her lessons


Name Achievement
Kairo For a much improved attitude at school
Emily For having a great attitude and being very helpful in class
Aaliyah For always showing a growth mindset