The Governing Body

The Role of the Governors:

The Governing Body of St Mary’s School is made up people representing the Parish, the Local Authority and the School. Many of these are parents, staff and members of the congregation. The Governors are responsible for ensuring the school’s commitment to nurturing our children in a Christian environment and to showing them the importance of tolerance, understanding and mutual respect within our diverse community.

Governors work closely with the Headteacher in the development of the school. They monitor every aspect of school life and make sure that the school offers the very best experience and opportunity for each child. Governors are responsible for monitoring the progress of children, the curriculum, the buildings and the budget. They ensure the school is a safe and healthy environment for all children and are responsible for the implementation of the safeguarding and child protection policies.

Governors meet every half term as well as in committees for Resources, Curriculum & Achievment and Children, Families & Community.