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5th – TAD school closed
8th – Children return to school
9th – Y6 Violet Class to the V&A
19th – Y2 Marigold to The London Transport Museum
19th – Y6 to Art House Cinema (French Film)
22nd – 26th – Y6 to Pendarren
22nd – Y1 Saffron to Natural History Museum
23rd – Y1 Tangerine to Natural History Museum
23rd – Y3 India Action Aid workshop
24th – Y1 Amber to Natural History Museum
24th – Reception Goslings to Science Museum
25th – Reception Ducklings to Science Museum


1st – When I Grow Up Day – Sign up
1st – Sportshall Athletics @ Heartlands High (Y5&Y6 mixed team)
2nd – Y2 Buttercup Class – Transport Museum
2nd – Y5&Y6 Boys Football Team to Haringey League
6th – Safer Internet Day 2018
9th – End of Half Term
12th to Friday 16th – Half Term – school closed
19th – Return to School
19th – Science Week
23rd – Y2 Sunshine Class to Transport Museum
23rd – Y5&Y6 Girls Football Team to Haringey League
26th – Book and Reading Week