This week was RE week at St Mary’s. The children have been fantastic and produced some really amazing work, been on trips and sung their hearts out. At Church Lane the children were learning about the colours of the Church and at Rectory Gardens the children thought about the meanings behind different words such as love, compassion, peace, self-control and simplicity. The assembly at Rectory Gardens saw all the children take part and share their learning. Children have the ability to be very insightful.

photo 1


Ms Fennell, Ms La Frenais and I visited St Gilda’s on Friday morning. It’s always good to visit another school, share ideas and cherry pick good practice. We, together with St Gilda’s and Rokesly will be looking at elements of practice in our schools, sharing expertise and being each other’s critical friends. It is always good to have one’s peers look with a fresh eye. We hope to also get the children together to talk about and share their learning experiences. Schools risk becoming very isolated places, islands almost, so opportunities for a more collegiate approach are always welcome.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we held our termly Pupil Progress Reviews where the progress of every child is discussed with the class teacher and the leadership team. These sessions are vital to ensuring that no child slips through the net and standards are always improving. This term these reviews were very positive and I am really pleased with the depth of understanding the teachers have of their children and the aspirations they hold for them. The direction of travel of the school is still upwards and every time we review and monitor provision improvements are evident.

Work will soon be beginning on the ground floor of Rectory Gardens, I am staggered again at the sheer amount of red tape and paperwork involved in what should be something seemingly so straight forward. We will be keeping you up-to-date with progress as the works start.

As I write this the PSA are busy setting up the alternative Bonfire night as we seem to have been rained off. It’s the enthusiastic participation of the children, parents and staff that makes a school a place so much more than just a place for lessons. I thank them for this and am proud to be a part of it.