W/B 6th May 2013  – What’s the name of your game?

One of my greatest pleasures as a Headteacher is Assembly time. Bringing the school together is always lovely. The children always look great. It’s a time to share and sing. The singing at both sites is really great and adds a special joy to the day. Catty our music teacher leads assembly at Rectory Gardens on a Tuesday, the range of songs is really diverse from the upbeat comedy to those that pull at your heart strings. At Church Lane the little ones sound so cute and sweet. They get such pleasure from singing their little hearts out.

My very favourite assembly at the moment, one which is done weekly on both sites is ‘What’s the Name of Your Game?’ devised by Ms Fennell as a way of sharing playground games. The children volunteer to demonstrate a game with some friends. We have had some real old favourites such as Sticky Toffee and Grandmas Footsteps. The staff love to join in and the children take great delight in coming up with new and innovative games to share.

Another yummy pleasure this week was learning how to ice cupcakes with Ms Malloy. The Year Five cake sale made a fantastic  £101.05. Some of the Y5 girls made and decorated cup cakes with Ms Malloy to supplement those brought in. They were seriously delicious. The money will go towards our very ambitious playground project we are hoping to get underway over the summer. We plan to have a state of the art play space to even rival Church Lane!!!! Never to do things by half we need any budding fundraisers out there to please get fundraising.

photo Ms Malloy is an epic cake maker !!

Next week is a hugely important week for our Y6 children; they sit their KS2 SAT’s. It’s always a really tense time for me and the staff as we will them to do their best and show all they are capable of. They are such a talented bunch of children and I wish them the very best of luck. So much effort has been invested to ensure that the children are prepared properly. However, I am very pleased that we have been able to maintain a sense of balance. the children Y6 children have also been working on some awesome mosaics. If you get a chance to go up and have a look at them please do. I can’t wait for them to be finished and put up on display outside, they really have the wow factor.  Ms Kahumbu has a talent for mosaic.  The staff of St Mary’s have a number of hidden talents that they are sharing with the children enhancing their school experiences and making St Mary’s such a great family.