The History of London
Y4’s trip to the Museum of London
By Richard and Sophie, Y4

As we are studying the Romans, our classes went on a school trip recently to the Museum of London.

We learnt about the history of Londinium and all about the artefacts found by archaeologists over the years, such as bowls, spears and jewellery.

We could see that London has changed so much over the centuries. The buildings, the food, the jobs and the lives of people in Roman times are very different and probably very hard compared to today’s. We are glad that we live in 21st Century London!

Our favourite things were looking at the ancient Roman gold trophies, eating the traditional Roman food of ricotta and honey (it was delicious!) and watching the video screens that took us back to Roman times.

Overall we thought it was a great school trip and would rate it 10/10!