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Autumn Term


Welcome to Year 1. This term is a very exciting term as the children will be making the smooth transition from Reception to Year 1. We are building on the Early Years Curriculum with an increasing focus on Reading, Writing & Maths.


Our Topic this term is called ‘All About Me’. Like a lot of our Topics it will have lots of cross-curriculum links, especially into English and Science. Throughout this topic we will be thinking about our bodies, our families and what makes us who we are. We will be discussing where we all come from and talking about what languages we all speak. We will be studying Frida Kahlo which will inspire us when painting our own self-portraits. In English we are continuing to focus on phonics and high frequency words. We will be writing simple sentences and using a capital letter and full stop consistently. We will enjoy looking at fiction and non-fiction which will have links to our topic. Handwriting will be a daily focus and children will be learning to present their work neatly with correct letter formation. Useful website

Please keep reading with your child at home – we really appreciate your support. Don’t forget to visit your local library which should have lots of books that link with our topics.


In Science we will be studying our bodies and how we use the five senses. We will carry out fun, practical investigations and record our work in a variety of ways.


Our Maths will focus on place value and we will be doing a lot of work with numbers to 10 and then beyond. We will be looking at order and patterns with objects and numbers, making number bonds and then addition and subtraction within 10.

Help your child at home by getting them to explain what they have been doing in class, practising number bonds, addition & subtraction. You can also have fun using money to help your child understand the value of coins.


We will enjoy getting ready for Christmas and our Christmas performance, one of the highlights of the St Mary’s calendar!

General Reminders

  • PLEASE NAME all sweaters, coats, gloves, hats, plimsolls etc.
  • Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school at all times otherwise they will not be able to participate due to health and safety reasons. The children will be doing PE on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Any letters or reply slips which need to be returned, can be given to the adults in the class. Parents and children are encouraged to check each day.
  • Your child will read with an adult in school once a week and we expect them to read at home with an adult every evening. The most important thing is that this is an enjoyable and special experience so that children really develop a passion for reading! Reading books are changed weekly and your child will receive two books.
  • It would be really helpful if you could send in tissues for the class.
  • If you would like to help out on our trip please speak to your class teacher and complete a List 99 check at the office.


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Key dates

September 21st – Meet the Teacher
October – Harvest Festival
October 20th – International Assembly