We had a great time at the London Transport Museum! We were so excited and there was so much to see and do.

First of all, we did some time travelling! We had to go into this special time tunnel, it was like magic! We went back hundreds of years and then got on a Victorian tube train, there were model people and it was very different to the tubes now. You could not see out of the windows and a guard would walk down the train and tell people when they had arrived at a train station. Everyone spoke to each other on the trains and their clothes were different as well – men wore top hats!

Before the big red London buses that we have now, there were buses pulled by horses. The streets must have been very smelly but those buses did not go as fast as buses do now.

We got information sheets and we got them stamped by a special machine in all the different areas that we visited. It was so interesting and we were all sad when we had to leave.
By Leon and Farrien