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Year 3 Information

Autumn Term

Welcome back and we hope that you all had an enjoyable Summer!

We are in full swing in Year 3 and have introduced our topic of “Heroes and Villains” this term. We will be linking to this wherever possible – resulting in a Heroes’ a nd Villains’ day where children will perform their raps, poems and songs for an audience. In Autumn 2, we will switch topics to “Flow”, where we will investigate how rivers are formed and how water flows.

As always, please inform us if there is anything you would like to know or are unsure about and thank you for your ongoing support.
Thank you,
Year 3 team


For our Autumn 1 topic we will be investigating Heroes and Villains that are both fictional and non-fictional. Our focus this term is on the music aspect where we will be creating our very own poems, raps and songs to perform. In English, we will incorporate our topic by looking at fairy tale villains in Once Upon a Wild Wood and Inside a Villain. We will touch on history and geography as well by investigating the countries involved in World War 2 and the birthplaces of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.

In Autumn 2 we switch our focus to rivers and the flow of water. Our focus is on geography and how rivers are formed. In English, we will incorporate our topic by creating leaflets on rivers and creating journals on the River Thames. In art we will be creating river studies in water colour as well as observational drawings of species foun d in rivers.

To begin our year, we will be investigating the stories of the Old Testament and how did a belief in God affect the actions of people. These stories include Abraham, Daniel, Jonah, Moses, Naomi and Solomon. A big focus will be on wh at is Faith and how can we show this and how the people in the Bible and how we demonstrate our Christian Values. We will investigate the Christian Concepts of Creation, Fall, Flood, Nations and People through actio ns, reflective storytelling and stories. We feel it is important to make these stories more familiar as they are a cornerstone we can further build on. In Autumn 2, we will investigate Remembrance and how and why we remember people and begin to look towards Christmas as we look at how the Advent and Epiphany sho w us what Christmas is really about.


In Autumn 1, we will be learning about “Forces and Magnets”. Our first school trip of the year is to the Science Museum, where we will have a workshop and visit the Wonder Lab. In Autumn 2, our investigations turn towards “Rocks and Soils”, tying in nicely to our River topic. Within this unit, we will also connect to our Destination Reader work on Mary Anning and the fossils she found.


This term we will begin to look at place value up to and including ten thousands. With this foundation, we will continue our learning of addition and subtraction using different methods (column method, hands-on manipulatives and pictorial representations).

Help your child at home by asking them to explain what they have been doing in class and consolidating their times-tables. You can also talk to them about how their maths can be used in everyday situations!

General Reminders

  • PLEASE NAME all sweaters, coats, gloves, hats, plimsolls etc.
  • Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school at all times.
  • Parents and children are encouraged to check book bags for letters each day.
  • Your child will read with an adult weekly and we expect them to read at home with an adult every evening. The most important thing is that this is an enjoyable and special experience so that children really develop a passion for reading!
  • Homework, Times Tables and Spellings will be given out on Fridays and should be returned by the following Wednesday. Children will be tested on Friday.
  • It would be really helpful if you could send in tissues for the class.
  • Please, please, please speak to your child’s class teacher if you are able to help in any way in class.
  • Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you are able to help in any way in class. Reading, cooking, gardening, life experiences, music, art, careers etc.. We would love to hear from you!





  • Tue 21st Sapphire Class Assembly 9.15am
  • Tue 28th Turquoise Class Assembly 9.15am
  • Wed 29th Nursery and Reception to London Zoo
  • Wed 29th Disco at RG 6pm – 8pm
  • Fri 31st Disco at CL 6pm – 7.30pm<.li>


  • Tues 4th Topaz Class Assembly 9.15am
  • Fri 7th When I Grow Up Day–please contact if you can help on this fun careers morning
  • Tues 11th Marigold Class Assembly 9.15am
  • Thur 13th E-Safety Workshop for parents and carers –with external speaker from CEOPs. 9am
  • Fri 14th Half term. School ends at 3.15pm RG, 3.30pm CL