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Year 5 Information

Spring Term

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We are looking forward to a busy and exciting Spring term with lots of fascinating learning opportunities. We believe that parents and teachers work best in partnership so please come and talk to us if there is anything that you are unsure about.


This term we continue with Talk for Writing and will be studying The Matchbox Diaries. Writing styles will include: Letter writing, Debate and discussion, Diaries/Memoirs, Poetry and biographies, describing characters, settings, moods and emotions.
We will also be studying a variety of sentence structures to add cohesion to our writing.


Our geography topic this year is allotment. We will be investigating how land is used and is it effective. How and where is food produced and looking at alternative ways to produce our own food and promote sustainability and taking responsibility for ourselves and our environment (PSHE).
Geographical skills will include: Fieldwork, Map work and a Scavenger hunt.


Application of concepts and skills of the four operations and various strategies to solve word problems. Through bar modelling children will learn how to add and subtract like and unlike fractions. They will convert fractions to decimals. Add and subtract mixed numbers and multiplying and dividing fractions. Help your child at home by practising multiplication and division facts to 12×12. This will be tested each week.


In Science we will be exploring Forces: gravity, effects of air resistance, water resistance and friction. We will study how mechanisms can be used to increase force.

Trips and Visits

We will be visiting the local environment including Alexandra Palace as part of our Geography topic.


In Art we will be studying the fantastic work of artist Margaret Mee’s botanical drawings and paintings and develop our own painting and sketching skills in her style.
We will explore wire sculpture artists and create our own for our school garden.

Design Technology

Through our topic ‘Allotment’ we will be making planters and structures for growing plants. We will also be investigating nutrition and methods of cooking.

General Reminders

  • Please encourage your child to read at home each day and to talk to you about what they have read.
  • Homework will be sent out every Monday and should be returned on Friday.
  • Spellings will be given out on Monday for testing on the following Friday.
  • PE kits need to be kept at school. PE is on Tuesdays and Swimming on Thursdays.



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