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Year 6 Information

Summer Newsletter

We hope you’re all ready for the last term of Year 6 – there is so much to do and only 13 weeks left! This newsletter will give you an outline of the academic layout for this term and also remind you of a few housekeeping rules!

Revision for SATs

Children should be continuing to revise in the 3 key SATs areas of: Mathematics (both arithmetic and problem solving in a variety of areas); SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) and Reading (comprehension skills). Children have access to Mathletics and for the SPaG and Reading SATs as well as their revision guides that they have been using for their homework. Please encourage your child to keep up with regularly set tasks in their individual books.


We will start the Summer Term by reviewing the main areas of maths for our SATs. We will continue to revise key areas of learning to prepare for the SATs, at the same time as covering a few remaining subjects. Our focus for the second half of the term will be using and applying our knowledge in order to deepen our problem solving skills. We will continue to practise arithmetic skills throughout the term and will expect these to be reinforced through revision.


This term, we are revising by reading a range of different text types and comprehensions skills. Also, we will be reviewing spelling, grammar and punctuation. After half term, our English will be focused on our topic (see below). The children will continue to be assessed on their writing throughout the term. Neat handwriting and exemplary presentation will be very important as children will be preparing pieces of work for their secondary schools.


PE takes place every Monday and Friday so children need to have their full PE kit, including suitable footwear (plimsolls). Children with long hair need to ensure that they have a hairband to tie hair up. No jewellery (necklaces, bracelets – fabric or metal and rings) must be worn during PE sessions.


This term’s topic is Gallery Rebels. Pack up your pencils, pick up your paintbrushes and prepare to be amazed by the wonderful work of 19th and 20th Century artists! During this half term, we’ll visit a local art gallery to view an exhibition. We will talk about features of the artwork and sketch our favourite pieces. We’ll research important artwork of the 19th and 20th Centuries online, choosing a favourite piece of art to describe in more detail. When we’ve gathered a range of materials, the children will make beautiful sketchbooks and use them to collect ideas and inspiration. We’ll create pieces of art inspired by well-known artists and use search engines to source images of modern art to put into a digital portfolio. We’ll express ourselves through poetry, stories, music and painting. Art can affect our feelings and emotions, and we’ll investigate whether everyone responds in the same way. We’ll also use recycled resources to create a surreal sculpture.

In Geography, we will be investigating the continent of South America through artefacts, art and writing. As part of the recommended Curriculum, Year 6 will be taking part in a series of SRE workshops (Sex and Relationships Education). A letter will be sent out to all parents and carers, an opportunity will be given to review the materials used in the sessions and to answer any of your questions prior to the sessions.

Transition to Secondary School

Year 6 are very soon going to be leaving for secondary school. It is vital that we prepare them to be responsible, respectful young people and independent learners. Some children need to be reminded that secondary schools operate a policy of zero tolerance. We want our Year 6 to leave St Mary’s feeling successful and proud of their time and achievements here and prepared to meet the challenges ahead. All children should now have received confirmation of a place at secondary school. We will be contacting and speaking to all secondary transfer personnel to arrange for a transition meeting to discuss your child. In addition to this, your child’s secondary schools will be organising transition days at the beginning of July.

Year 6 Production

As with every year, Year 6 will be working very hard towards their final performance. In the weeks following SATs, we will be auditioning for the main roles and sending home scripts and lyrics to be learnt by heart. Please make sure that your child learns their lines and songs as this helps immensely with the process. We would also like any parents/carers who are able to lend their skills towards this performance (e.g. in areas of art, acting, music and singing) to contact us at school.

Attendance and Punctuality

It is very important that children attend school and arrive promptly (we start at 8:30 am!) as Y6 is a very busy year and all learning time is crucial for children to achieve their full potential. Records of punctuality and attendance are kept and sent on to the Secondary schools that children will be attending.

General Reminders

  • PLEASE NAME all sweaters, hats, plimsolls etc.
  • Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school at all times. The children will be doing PE on Mondays and Fridays
  • Parents and children are encouraged to check book bags for letters each day.
  • Please ensure your child reads every day and ask them about what they have read. The most important thing is that this is an enjoyable and valued experience so that children really develop a passion for reading!
  • It would be really helpful if you could send in tissues for the class.

Jewellery and Nail Polish

  • We would like to remind parents that the only jewellery allowed at school are small stud earrings. Nail polish is not allowed.

If there is anything that you would like to talk to us about, please feel free to talk to us before or after school, or make an appointment via the school office.




Key dates


Year 6 SATS revision classes after school
25.04.19 Class Photos
29.04.19 Height and weight


06.05.19 Bank Holiday – School Closed
SATs Week – week beginning Monday 13th May:
13.05.19 SPaG – Grammar and Spelling Paper
14.05.19 Reading Paper
15.05.19 Maths – Arithmetic Paper; Reasoning Paper 1
16.05.19 Maths – Reasoning Paper 2
17.05.19 End of SATS Fun Day
20.05.19 Gamelan Workshop
23.05.19 ‘Growing against Violence’ Y6 workshops
24.05.19 ‘Growing against Violence’ Assembly for parents
27.05.19 to 31.05.19 Half Term