As we love, we flourish,
As we flourish, we aspire,
As we aspire, we achieve,
Together, we are a family

St Mary’s has served the local community since 1863. Today we provide for children from Nursery to Year 6 (2-11). The school is voluntary aided Church of England school and works closely with the governing body within a Christian framework to provide a high standard of teaching and learning in a nurturing and inclusive environment. Please telephone the school or call at the school office to find out details of our open days or arrange a time to speak to the Headteacher.


We wish all families a relaxing, fun and safe summer holiday. We look forward to welcoming the children back to school on Thursday 2nd September.

School Tours with the Headteacher

If you would like to visit and look around the school, including the Nursery provision, please email to book a tour. Tours will be bi-weekly on a Tuesday at 9.30am, starting Tuesday 27th April.


  • A high temperature (37.8 degrees or above)
  • A new, continuous cough
  • Loss or change to your sense of smell or taste
  • Do not send them to school
  • Your child/household should start isolating for 10 days from the start of symptoms
  • Arrange a test through NHS Test and Trace service
  • Contact the school and keep in touch on 0208 340 4898
  • You should request a test for only those who are displaying symptoms
  • The household stops isolating
  • The child stops isolating and can return to school once well
  • Child/household continue isolation for 10 days from start of symptoms
  • Child can return to school once isolation ends, is well and only if no other member of the household has become symptomatic during isolation
  • Public Health England would advise the school on next steps
  • Public Health England would determine who we would need to send home which could be up to an including whole classes.

Barnardo’s has set up a helpline to assist children, young people and families from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities affected by Covid-19.



All the children throughout the school thoroughly enjoyed Science Week last week and which very naturally followed our recent environmentally focused activities of Earth Day the week before. The theme was ‘The Nature All Around Us’. The children enjoyed daily nature journaling and learning about local and global conservation efforts. A key focus was learning how to do field sketches and Mr Gould, the school science lead, will be judging the best field sketch next week.



Black History Haringey 365

Check out the Haringey website dedicated to Black History in Haringey which is host to a huge range of information, history, quizzes, and many events for the family over half term and beyond.


Come and join the Reading List challenge at St Mary’s!

  • Each year group has a list of 15 books
  • Every child has a record card to keep track of their reading
  • There are bronze, silver and gold level books on your record card
  • If you read any books on your year group list, collect a sticker from your teacher and stick it onto your record card
  • Tell your teacher when you have read every book in a bronze, silver or gold section
  • Collect a badge for completing bronze, silver or gold level!
  • Try to read all the books in your year group list by the end of the year (July 2021)
  • If you do this and have collected your bronze, silver and gold badges, you will be awarded with a special enamel pin and a certificate at the end of the year!
  • We have worked very hard to make sure that every list has a wide range of books included.
  • There are story books, poetry books, funny and sad books, adventure and mystery books too.
  • Some are books that have won awards, some are very new and others are old favourites
  • We have two copies of every book on the list in school and plan to purchase more when possible.
  • However, you might like to buy the books yourself or borrow them from your library
  • If you buy the books and, once they have been read, would like to donate them to the school, we have made some special stickers to go into the front of that book.
  • Any questions, do please get in contact with Ms Jenkins.
  • Happy Reading!
  • Once you have completed the bronze, silver and gold year group reading challenge, you are able to complete the platinum challenge!
  • Read 15 books of your choice (a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry would be good), list the titles and authors of the books on your record card.
  • After each book, write a short review and your teacher will then give you a sticker and put your review in the class book corner!
  • When you complete the challenge, you will receive a certificate and a pin and your name will go on our ‘platinum hall of fame’ display in the school!

Happy reading, reading superstars!

Download Sheets:

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