Open Mornings for prospective parents – 27th November and 9th January

Tours of both our Church Lane and Rectory Gardens site. 9.15am start at Church Lane (N8 7BU).
Please email to book on to the tour.

As we love, we flourish
As we flourish, we aspire
As we aspire, we achieve
Together, we are a family

St Mary’s has served the local community since 1863. Today we provide for children from Nursery to Year 6 (2-11). The school is voluntary aided Church of England school and works closely with the governing body within a Christian framework to provide a high standard of teaching and learning in a nurturing and inclusive environment. We welcome visits from prospective families, in order to meet the children and staff and have a look around the school.

Please telephone the school or call at the school office to find out details of our open days or arrange a time to speak to the Headteacher.


Second half of Autumn term – £95



Thur 21stY3 to Museum of London, Docklands
Fri 22nd PSA AGM 9am
Mon 25th Nursery to The Postal Museum
Wed 27th Open morning for prospective parents. 9.15am at CL
Wed 27thY3/5 to pantomime at The Hackney Empire
Thur 28thY4/6 to pantomime at The Hackney Empire

Latest News

Newsletter – October 18th 2019

October 18th, 2019|

I almost cannot believe that we have already come to the end of the first half-term break of the year. The weeks have flown by so quickly; your children are now well settled into the day to day life of St Mary’s and I [...]

Origami Club

June 14th, 2018|

We love Origami because you get to make things with paper which is incredible. Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding; ORI means fold and KAMI means paper and together they make the word ORIGAMI. Origami Club is [...]

Nursery News – October 18th 2019

The Nursery setting is still welcoming new children and they have really enjoyed their RE Week activities relating to Noah's Ark and the Harvest festival. We have: experimented with how to move like different [...]

Reception News – October 18th 2019

Over the last two weeks we have been learning the g, o, d, c, k sounds and practising their formation (see photo below). We have been working with our numicon and finding the correct [...]

Year 1 News – October 18th 2019

In topic, we have been making nests and dens for animals using natural materials and recycling. We have learnt about animal classifications in science and went on an insect hunt around the school grounds. [...]

Year 2 News – October 18th 2019

We have been learning about how to live a healthy lifestyle, devised a recipe and made a healthy, delicious smoothie! (see photo below). We also learnt the importance of exercising daily and why it [...]

Year 3 News – October 18th 2019

In maths, we have been investigating numbers to 10,000, place value and comparing numbers using manipulatives and drawings. In English, we have developed our understanding of Fairy Tales, improved our use of descriptive words [...]

Year 4 News – October 18th 2019

In maths, we have been looking at factors and multiples. We have also been focussing on the development of our mathematical talk. We have been enjoying learning our times tables. In English, we have [...]

Year 5 News – October 18th 2019

In English and topic, as a cross-curricular activity, we have been learning how to write a balanced argument about King Henry VIII, discussing if he was a monster or just a man. In science, [...]

Year 6 News – October 18th 2019

In English, we have read an interesting piece about Bear Grylls and have been learning how to write persuasive letters, to Boris Johnson! Our reading focus will be on answering questions that involve using [...]